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Kevin Robert Orr

Official Release Date February, 24 2017

Kevin Robert Orr joins forces with Maestro En Shao and the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra to record Samuel Barber's Pulitzer Prize winning Piano Concerto.  Included on this recording is Barber's PianoSonata, as well as his Nocturne and Ballade.  Beautifully performed, this fresh interpretation will quickly become your favorite recording of all time!

Track List: Samuel Barber's Piano Concerto and Solo Works

Piano Concerto Op.38
  1. I. Allergro appassionato              14:38
  2. II. Canzone                           7:39
  3. III. Allegro molto                    7:07

  4. Nocturn Op.33 (Homage to John Field)  4:07
  5. Ballade Op.26                         6:09

Piano Op.26

  6. I. Allegro energico                   8:39
  7. II. Allegro vivace e leggro           2:23
  8. III. Adagio mesto                     6:18
  9. IV. Fuga Allegro con spirit           5:42

Total Time:                                62:45

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